In World of Warcraft Classic, class design is more heterogeneous than its current state. Each class has a distinct identity that comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, one class may be great for solo play while not being the favorite class in raids. Depending on your needs, it might be the best or worst choice for you. Can't you decide which class you should play in WoW Classic? Use this tool and find out!

You can reorder the priority list based on what you value most. At least three categories must be checked. Be careful that even if a criterion has a low priority, it affects the result, so do not include criteria that are not very important for you. You can use optional filters to narrow down the possibilities. The tool also recommends suitable specs for the class that is found suitable for you, but specs are generalizations that are made based on general charactersitics and common builds which may or may not suit your play style. You can also contribute to improve the recommendation logic.

Priority List

Drag and drop (currently not supported with touch devices) or use arrows to change the order.
  1. Ease of leveling
  2. Goldmaking
  3. Mobility
  4. PvE-DPS
  5. PvE-Healing
  6. PvE-Tanking
  7. PvP
  8. PvP-DPS
  9. PvP-Healing
  10. Soloing
  11. Utility
  12. Versatility


Combat type:

Based on the number of different roles and play styles classes and specs can undertake.
Based on having abilities that make various activities easier for your allies and yourself.
Based on having abilities or class mechanics that provide goldmaking opportunities.
Primarily, based on movement speed in combat. Secondarily, based on travel speed out of combat and abilities that snare enemies.
General state of the spec in PvP, which depends on many different factors.
This option directly filters out specs that are not relevant, preventing them from being recommended or even used to calculate the class average.
Class average calculation recommends the class that has the highest average score (out of its specs that are not filtered out) although there might be another class with a lower overall score yet higher spec-specific score. Spec-specific calculation simply recommends a class based on the spec that has the highest score. If you believe you might try different specs, a class-averaged calculation might be better for you.